Get raw data

The amount of city property data available is prodigious, and the neighborhood reports on this website only scratch the surface. The resources on this page will help you use this data to answer your own questions.

The City Assessor’s Office regularly collects information about each parcel of land in the city. This data, called the Master Property List (MPROP), is updated on a weekly basis. I combined the annual summary files for the years 2000 through 2018 (May) to build this website.

Analyze these neighborhoods yourself

Each neighborhood report is built from a single file, which consists of one row per year for each parcel of property. Each property is uniquely identified with a city-assigned “TAXKEY.” Download the 2000-2018 MPROP .csv files for each individual neighborhood at this link. They are readable by Microsoft Excel or any similar program. Here is the link to the MPROP file’s documentation.

Build your own neighborhoods

You may be interested in looking at property records for different geographic boundaries than those used on this website. For example, you may want to generate these reports by census tract, aldermanic district, or neighborhood boundaries of your own design. I provide detailed instructions for how to split MPROP data into custom geographies in this post. You may also contact me at to request custom data products.

Download the complete data

Here is the link for the entire 2000-2018 MPROP file. It’s over 1GB in size and will be difficult to use without statistical tools such as R, SPSS, or Stata.